Board of Directors:

To find two opportunities to serve as a veteran Board member on large public or private companies helping to identify growth strategies, including merger and acquisition opportunities.

With technology changing faster than ever, every Board needs a technologist to help them lead their companies. I am a visionary technology leader with vast experience, who provides leadership to create rapid growth and keep companies ahead of the technology curve. I have been a CEO of five companies, two of them public. I have also served on a dozen Boards and was the Chairman of four.

I have led change with the PC in the 70’s, the LAN in the 80’s, the Internet in the 90’s, Big Data and Web in 00’, smartphone apps in 10’s, and currently work as a consultant on Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. As you can read on my website, I believe that AI is changing the world faster than any other technology and as Quantum Computing becomes the norm in the next five years it will take AI beyond our imagination. In addition, I am an excellent communicator who has done presentations around the world at huge conferences in US, Russia, China, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. I am extremely experienced at worldwide business development, international sales, and federal business. I have successfully formed partnerships, closed sales, and supported customers directly in over 40 countries around the world. Most recently, I was asked by the Secretary of USDA to be the CIO of the government’s 4th largest data center, which I was very successful in moving to the Cloud, saving millions of dollars way ahead of the rest of federal government.

I am a technologist who is extremely current in all areas of technology. I am equally comfortable in the Board room, reviewing and planning financial strategy, setting and leading a high-growth sales strategy, and designing mergers and acquisitions. I am healthy, athletic, ambitious, passionate, and believe I add great value to any Board of Directors.

Mentoring and Consulting:

I offer extensive experience as a mentor who has successfully advanced the careers of many employees and staff members, who have become successful executives and CXOs. I also can provide a proven maturing process for young CEOs in managing priorities, expectations, and Board relations.

With more than thirty-five years experience in management and technology, holding individual contributor roles and senior management positions in engineering, support, marketing, business development, and sales, I have both a hands-on pragmatic view of business, while at the same time I am a visionary with proven strategic leadership, who has created or participated in the launch of more than a dozen transformational technologies from the first desktop computer to the first cloud service provider. Both my experience and my style allow me to dive in deep to analyze a business, and its technology, markets, people and company culture, and to surface with a plan that includes both short term tactical improvements and longer term strategic growth plans.

Speaking Engagements:

During my career in technology I have done thousands of presentation for both small and large groups. I have done strategic sales presentation to many of the F100 CEO’s and CIO’s. I have spoken at several IBM technology conferences, including SHARE, to audiences in the thousands, on topics such as SQL, Token-ring networking, SNA and OS/2. I have been a keynote speaker at Networld + Interop, PLA, Wireless World, ALA, and BrainShare. I have given presentations at COMDEX to thousands on the future of mobile computing in 1993 as CEO of MobileWare, a technology award winner at COMDEX. I have also presented technology at conferences in the US, Canada, Germany, Russia, China, and Brazil with hundreds to thousands in attendance. In 1992, while SVP of Strategic Development at Novell, I was on a very select panel that was brought to Washington by then Senator Al Gore to present, “The Role and Future of the Internet” to Congress, along with an SVP from Microsoft and an SVP from IBM. I have also presented at many VC and Private Equity conferences after more than a dozen highly successful acquisitions at Novell on the topic of “Identifying and Executing Successful M&A”. I have presented on three continents on the topic of “Effective Outsourcing,” based on successful experiences I created at Novell and Dynix, where I was recognized by Jeff Sutherland, often thought of as one of the leading experts on Agile development as creating the most successful multi-continent, large scale, agile development project (here).

Big Data Artificial Intelligence
Quantum Computing
Mobile Computing
Cloud Computing