Quantum Computing

Quantum computing technology is not just another microprocessor with a faster clock speed. It is a completely new paradigm of computing. This technology will allow us to process data so much faster than current models that it will solve our most complex calculations, which would take current computers months or years to solve, in just milliseconds. Quantum computing is about using quantum physics to design computers rather than binary based microprocessors. This new model is real and advancing rapidly. You can actually buy a quantum computer today for around $10 million dollars.

Unlike regular computers, where everything is either a 1 or a 0, a quantum computer supports qubits, being both 1 and 0 at the same time. This means that two qubits could perform four calculations at the same time and this grows exponentially. This allows the new quantum computer, which today has 2,000 qubits, to perform 22000 operations at the same time. This is more calculations than all the traditional computers in the world could perform today. Let me say that again. One currently existing quantum computer can perform more operations than all the rest of the computers in the world can perform today by a huge margin.

When you marry quantum computing with literally unlimited amounts of data, and artificial intelligence, we will be able to identify and solve problems we cannot even imagine in milliseconds. Yes, AI will become dangerous when it has this kind of processing power. We will not only achieve singularity, but we will move into a world where computers have such super intelligence that mankind will be as dumb as a snail. The biggest problem we have today is learning how to program these new computers. But again, AI will learn how to program quantum computers for us. AI will use this new computing power to develop new operating systems and new algorithms in hours instead of years. This unlimited capacity will lead to supercomputers far beyond our ability to understand and control them.

Computing Lifecycle: From the Mainframe to Quantum Computing

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